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Uses of ScaledDisplay in edu.kzoo.grid.display

Subclasses of ScaledDisplay in edu.kzoo.grid.display
 class ColorBlockDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A ColorBlockDisplay object displays a ColorBlock object, or any object with a color method, as a color block in a grid.
 class DefaultDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A DefaultDisplay draws a centered question-mark.
 class PictureBlockDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A PictureBlockDisplay object displays a PictureBlock object, or any object with a pictureIcon method, as a picture in a grid.
 class ScaledImageDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A ScaledImageDisplay uses an image read from a file to represent an object in a location in a grid.
 class TextCellDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A TextCellDisplay object displays a TextCell object (or any object with text and color methods) in a grid.
 class TextDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A TextDisplay draws a centered text string in a grid cell.