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Class RandNumGenerator


public class RandNumGenerator
extends java.lang.Object

AP® Computer Science Marine Biology Simulation:
The RandNumGenerator class provides a singleton java.util.Random object for random number generation. Using this class, many different objects can share a single source of random numbers. This eliminates the potential problem of having multiple random number generators generating sequences of numbers that are too similar.

Example of how to use RandNumGenerator:

       import java.util.Random;

       Random randNumGen = RandNumGenerator.getInstance();
       int randomNum = randNumGen.nextInt(4);
       double randomDouble = randNumGen.nextDouble();

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1 July 2002
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static java.util.Random getInstance()
          Returns a random number generator.
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Constructor Detail


public RandNumGenerator()
Method Detail


public static java.util.Random getInstance()
Returns a random number generator. Always returns the same Random object to provide a better sequence of random numbers.

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