IMPORTANT NOTE: The following schedule represents my current best guess concerning due dates (and everything else). I am providing this information to give you a general idea of the pace and timing of the class. THIS SCHEDULE WILL CERTAINLY CHANGE AS THE QUARTER PROGRESSES. Please don't depend on this information in purchasing airline tickets or making other irrevocable scheduling decisions without consulting me first.

DAY TOPIC READING Assign. Out Assign. In
M1 Syllabus, Start Counting
HW A, PQ 1.1
W1 Counting Lists, Permutations, Subsets 1.1-1.2 PQ 1.2 HW1, PQ1.1
F1 Binomial Coefficients 1.2 HW 1 (1.1-1.3), PQ 1.3 PQ 1.2
M2 Binomial Theorem
1.3, 1.4
Presentation Schedule will be available
PQ 1.4
W2 Relations, Equivalence relations 1.4, 1.5 HW 2 (1.4 and 1.5),
PQ 1.5
HW 1,
PQ 1.4
F2 Multisets
1.5 PQ 3.1 PQ 1.5
M3 Equivalence and Implication 3.1 PQ 3.2 HW 2
W3 Variables and Quantifiers 3.2
PQ 3.2
F3 EXAM 1 (During class time)

M4 Presentation on Pigeon-hole principle and applications
Variables and Quantifiers
3.2 Pres. HW
W4 Presentation on Euclidean Algorithm
Negation of Quantified Statements
3.2, 3.3
Pres HW

F4 Presentation on Chinese Remainder Theorem
Continue Inference
3.3 Pres. HW Pigeonhole Pres. HW
M5 Mathematical Induction 4.1
HW 3
Euclidean Alg Pres HW.
W5 Presentation on Relations and Databases
Continue Induction
CRT Pres. HW,
F5 Presentation on Computational Complexity, SAT, and $1,000,000
Finish induction
  Pres HW HW 3
M6 Recursion, Recurrences, and Induction 4.2
Project 1 HW 3
Pres. HW
W6 Recurrences and Big-O
HW 4 Pres. HW
F6 Mid-Quarter Break
No class

M11 Final Exam 8:30 - 11 AM