Comp 485 Homework and Reading

Remeber to set the date EVERY time you boot your Pi!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following schedule represents my current best guess concerning due dates (and everything else).  I am providing this information to give you a general idea of the pace and timing of the class.  THESE DATES MAY CHANGE.  Please don't depend on this schedule in purchasing airline tickets or making other irrevocable scheduling decisions.

SCHEDULE KEY:   HW = Homework. DQ = Discussion questions.  PP = Programming project.
Friday, Week 2
DAY TOPIC READING Assign. Out. Assign. Due
M1 Connecting the Console Cable
Expand the file system

W1 Pi imaging

F1 The UNIX/Linus file system HW #1
M2 The vi editor
W2 Intro to Communications Sublayers (OSI)
F2 Intro To IP Routing and vi lab
HW#1 Due
M3 MLK Day -- No class

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