Final Programming Project
Grading Criteria


The grades for the final programming project will be based on creativity, programming, and documentation, as outlined below:

Title of the movie, and names of any actors/actresses involved scrolling at beginning  
4 points
At least three moving objects, at least two of these simultaneously, at least one of these non-linearly  
9 points (3 for each object)
Uses chromakey or manipulates background colors   5 points
At least two sounds; one must be modified from original form   6 points (3 points each)

Ending credits, includes names and contribution of group members, as well as any assisting TAs or instructors

  4 points
Program Documentation: names, date, project description at beginning of the file   5 points
Function Documentation: comments before every function, and inside the functions   4 points
Overall Artistic Effect: Style/Originality/Creativity: Is there continuity to the animation? (Do the different parts of the movie make sense together?) Are there more than just moving rectangles?   5 points
Web & Presentation: Was the presentation of the movie complete? Are there links to the animation's web page from all group members' course pages?   8 points
TOTAL   50 points