Note: This is a Draft Schedule; some TA Assignments, Collaboration Center Hours, and Grading Assignments may still change.

Teaching Assistants Collaboration Center Hours

  • 105 Intro. to Comp. Science Mini-Labs:
    • Monday: David Gurrola, Liam VosWilliams
    • Wednesday: David Gurrola, Andrew Parsons
    • Friday: Andrew Parsons, Liam VosWilliams
  • 105 Intro. to Comp. Science Labs:
    • Thursday morning lab: David Gurrola, Dylan Milton
    • Thursday afternoon lab: David Gurrola, Andrew Parsons
  • 108 Intro. to Scientific Computing Mini-Labs:
    • Monday: Rukudzo Gawa, Tim Rutledge
    • Wednesday: Binny Lee, Tim Rutledge
    • Friday: Rukudzo Gawa, Binny Lee
  • 108 Intro. to Scientific Computing Labs:
    • Tuesday afternoon lab: Rukudzo Gawa, Tim Rutledge
  • 210 Data Structures Mini-Labs (occasional):
    • Charlie Krone, Michael Mitchell

Collaboration Center Hours

Sunday - Thursday evenings; specific times and TAs listed below.

Hours TA
Sunday 7 - 9 PM Dylan Milton, Tim Rutledge
Monday 7 - 10 PM Charlie Krone (7 - 9), Alex Cadigan (8 - 10)
Tuesday 7 - 9 PM Hazel Kim, Michael Mitchell
Wednesday 7 - 9 PM David Gurrola, Sam Maddox
Thursday 7 - 9 PM Hazel Kim, Andrew Parsons

Grader Pool

  • TA Coordinator: Alex Cadigan
  • 105: Dylan Milton, Calder Pellerin, Manveer Singh, Arun Shrestha, Liam VosWilliams
  • 108: Binny Lee, Tim Rutledge, Gus Guthrie (backup)
  • 210: Charlie Krone, Michael Mitchell
  • MATH 250: Sam Maddox, Skylar Rizzolo

You can go to any CS instructor or the CS Collaboration Center for questions on material in introductory courses. Instructors hold office hours in their offices in Olds/Upton 203 and 208 (CS/Math/Physics department suites). The Collaboration Center is housed in Olds/Upton 312.