Bingo Game Programming Project

Kelly Schultz and Alyce Brady
Kalamazoo College


In this programming project, which follows up on the Bingo Game Lab, you will add more functionality to your Bingo Game.

Programming Project: Improving the Bingo Game Program

The program needs several enhancements to act like a real Bingo game. One problem is that the card should be initialized with a different set of random numbers every time the game is played; instead, this version places the same pre-defined numbers in each column every time. (Another difference is that a real game would have multiple cards, but our game still has only one card.) There are a variety of patterns that could be considered a winning pattern in Bingo, such as a complete diagonal of marked numbers, marked numbers in the four corners, marked numbers in a postage stamp pattern etc. Each of these could be considered a separate strategy for winning.

Add column headings to the Bingo card.

Initialize Card with Random Numbers

Add additional winning strategy options.

Optional: Add one or more "free" spaces to your card.

Submit your modifications.