1. Add yourself to the class in moodle (use the link from the homepage).

  2. How and where can you back up your work for this class?

  3. If you do have your own computer on the campus network, what free software could you download that would enable you to edit, compile, and run Java programs on your own machine?

  4. Will you learn about loops in this course?  Methods? Object-oriented design?  Hash tables?  Priority queues?  Recursion?  Dynamic binding? Graphical user interface programming?

  5. Is attendance required or recommended for class?  For lab?

  6. Are you allowed to work on this assignment with other people, or are you required to complete it on your own?  What about lab assignments?  Programming assignments?  Exams?

  7. What are your instructor's office hours?  How would you find out about TA office hours?

  8. How will you find out about reading, homework, programming, or other assignments in this course?

  9. What does an object-oriented program consist of?

  10. What does a running object-oriented program consist of?

  11. What is the difference between a class and an object?

  12. Exercise R.1.1 on p. 27.

  13. Exercise R.1.2 on p. 28.

  14. Exercise R.1.6 on p. 28.