Final Programming Project
Creating Your Own Animation


This programming project may be done in groups of two or three. This project may not be done individually. Keep in mind that if you have worked with the same partner on more than two previous projects, you may not work with that same person on this project. Since this project is done in groups, hand in one copy of your code with the names of all teammates on it. It is okay to get help from the TAs and/or the instructor if you get stuck, but you should try to do it within your own group first.

The objective of this project is to combine a number of the methods we have learned for manipulating images and sounds with some creativity of your own to produce an original animation.

Part 1: Creating the Animation

In groups of at least 2, but no more than 3, you are to design an animation that, at a minimum, should include the following:

Be sure to fully document your program, including names, date, project desription at the beginning, comments before every function, comments inside the functions. You should include a paragraph at the beginning of your program that describes what your animation is about, what pictures and sounds you use, and what techniques you are using.

If you have objects that you want to be photographed, or sounds you want to be recorded, please see one of the instructors as soon as possible!

Your animations should be more interesting and creative than boxes moving on a screen. Be creative, have fun! This is your chance to put together many of the skills we have learned this quarter. Show us what you can do!!

These projects will be graded on creativity, programming, and documentation. More detailed grading criteria will be posted on-line at

For more helpful hints and tips, see

Part 2: Turning the Animation into a Movie File

For this part of the project, refer to the Using iMovie Lab for help in turning your animation into a movie.

Part 3: What to Submit

  1. Submit your animation program via . Only one person in your group needs to submit the program, so be sure it contains the names of all group members!

  2. Create a web page with a link to your movie and a description of your movie. Add a link to this page from your home page. You only need to create one web page for your group, but it should contain all of your names, and each group member should contain a link to it from their course page.