User Interface Analysis


User Interface Analysis

This lab should be done in pairs, if possible. Complete the exercises below and submit your lab results via Moodle. Make sure you have included the names of both lab partners in your document.

Part I

Review the various sets of UI principles and guidelines covered in the User Interface presentation from class (Nielsen's 2003 usability components, Fadeyev, Oppedisano, Sollenberger, and Gestalt Design Laws) and the additional principles and guidelines in the Additional Resources readings (Hobart, Raskin, and Tognazzini). Develop your own set of between 6 and 10 criteria.

Part II

For each of the web page categories below:

Choose 2 web sites for the category, one good and one bad. (This implies browsing through more than 2). Write up a comparison of the two with reference to the set of UI principles you developed in Part I.

The web page categories are:

  1. Information-heavy web sites (e.g., encyclopedia pages, departmental pages in the K catalog, pages presenting census data or other governmental information sites, pages with W3C technical information)

  2. News or sports organization sites (e.g., CNN, NY Times, ESPN)

  3. Retail sites (e.g., Amazon, Sears, LL Bean)

  4. Social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

  5. Search/Reference sites (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, dictionaries, Ariadne -- the College library catalog)

  6. College web sites, or some other category of your choosing (say what the category is)

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