Lab 6: Digital Logic



In this mini-lab you will experiment with digital logic design using the Logicly simulator.

This lab should be done individually, although you may certainly discuss your progress with your neighbors.


Start the Logicly simulator by going to If this does not work in your browser, you may download Logicly from
  1. Add two Toggle Switches and an AND gate to your circuit board. Wire the two switches to the AND gate. Add a light bulb to your circuit board and wire the output of your AND gate to the light bulb. Once you have this simple circuit set up, experiment with flipping the switches to change the inputs to your AND gate. Make sure that the gate does what you expect it to do. Repeat the experiment with the OR gate and the NOT gate. There is nothing to turn in for this exercise.

  2. Here is the truth table for the exclusive or function (xor):
    A  B  |  Out
    0  0  |  0 
    0  1  |  1
    1  0  |  1
    1  1  |  0 
    Write a Boolean expression that corresponds to this truth table, and implement your expression using AND, OR, and NOT gates in Logicly. Test your circuit to make sure that it generates the appropriate output for all possible inputs. For this exercise you will hand in your Boolean expression as well as a print-out or drawing of your circuit.

    Saving your work: If you have downloaded Logicly to your own machine, you can go to File->Save As to save your file. If you are running Logicly through the browser, you cannot save the circuit board as a file, but you can take a screenshot to capture your circuit diagrams.

Submit your results

  1. Submit your solutions to the exercises above. You may print them out or submit your file(s) on Moodle.