Calculator Programming Project, Part II


In this programming project you will improve your Calculator page by displaying its output right on the page, rather than producing alert messages. You will also include a last modified date on the page.

Updating the Calculator program:

  1. As you did for your Mad Libs program, modify your Calculator to write the output to the web page instead of to alert messages. Create an empty paragraph (<p>) or division (<div>) element between two horizontal rules at the bottom of the page, and write the Calculator results to that new element.

    In this case, repeatedly clicking the Calculator button should cause the previous results to disappear and be replaced by new results. (This is different from the Mad Libs case, where new Mad Libs stories should be appended to existing ones.)

  2. Add a last modification date to the end of the Calculator web page, just as you did for the Mad Libs page.

Polish & Publish your Calculator program:

  1. Polish:
  2. Publish: Upload your modified web page to the server and test that it works there. (Remember that the host name for uploading is If you worked in a team, each member of your group should do this, so each of you has a link to the new mini-lab page. Test that the link to the Mini-Lab works on the server by clicking on it from your home page.