Web Workshop on the APCS Marine Biology Case Study

Joe Kmoch and Chris Nevison

Copyright Chris Nevison, Computer Science Department, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 13346, July, 2000.  This material may be reproduced without permission for face-to-face teaching purposes only.  This material may not be reproduced or used for any commercial purpose.  This copyright notice must appear on any copies made.

This is a modified version of the introductory page for the web workshop developed by Joe Kmoch and Chris Nevison describing the purpose of each workshop unit and its associated programming projects. The assignments are appropriate for use throughout the APCS A and AB curricula. The web workshop web site is

Unit 1a:  Early Assignments Using Position and RandGen

Unit 1:  Using an Abstract Type and Random Walks
    Demonstrates how materials from the MBCS may be used very early in the APCS A course.

Unit 2:  Aquarium
    Purpose: Learn about simple classes. Use and modify classes.

Unit 3:  Testing and Experimenting with a Program
    Purpose: Developing effective test plans.

Unit 4:  Modifying the Fish Class
    Purpose: Add a data member, change an existing member function, add a new member function.

Unit 5:  Freedom of Movement
    Purpose Modify classes to support hexagonal cells in the environment.

Unit 6:  Aging, Breeding, and Dying
    Purpose: Modify the MBCS so that the fish population is no longer static -- fish are created and removed dynamically.

Unit 7:  Creating a New Class, Species
    Purpose: Develop a new class for the MBCS application.

Unit 8:  Storing the Fish Population
    Purpose: To explore a different data structure for representing fish in the environment.  (APCS A)

Unit 9:  Storing the Fish Population, Sparse Matrix
    Purpose: To explore a different data structure for representing fish in the environment.  (APCS AB)

Unit 10:  Binary Search Tree and Hash Table
    Purpose: To study different data structures for representing fish in the environment and compare approaches.  (APCS AB)

Joe Kmoch has made a series of six worksheets that supplement the Marine Biology Case Study. These are also available from the Web Workshop web site.