A new quarter begins and new knowledge awaits! Welcome to Data Structures (COMP 210). This is a core class for all computer scientists where you learn fundamental concepts to help you thrive in the world of computers.

By the end of the quarter you should have learned the basic data structures used in Computer Science, their properties, functionalities, and how to measure their effectiveness (what we will call time and space complexity). You will also learn the what, why, and how of sorting, searching, recursion, and some other wildly used techniques in CS. Use the syllabus to learn more about the class or the menu bar in the top to explore the course content.

We have an awesome group of TAs at the collaboration center where you can go and ask any questions you have. Also, I'll have office hours in person and virtually. I am often available to meet outside of posted office hours, so please send me a message if you'd like to meet at a different time.

One last thing: