Integrating the Marine Biology Case Study
Into Your Curriculum

Alyce Brady
Kalamazoo College

This document shows one way that the Marine Biology Case Study could be integrated throughout year as you teach the AP CS curriculum. You will obviously not use the case study to teach everything in your course, but this "syllabus" shows parts of the case study you can use as you cover various AP CS topics.

If Statements, Using Objects (RandGen class, or, for now, my Coin class: coin.h and coin.cpp)

For Loops

Using Functions, Reading Class Definitions

Writing Class Definitions


File I/O

Black-box Testing, Developing Test Plans, Testing Boundary Conditions

apmatrix, RandGen, Dealing with Multiple Objects, OO Design (or at least object diagrams)

Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis

Inheritance (not a required APCS topic!)

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